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Review from Le Devoir in Montreal of our new album, ROLLING and TUMBLING:

Review of our single, SWEET ROCKIN MAMA, from Le Devoir.


Review of SLIM SANDY and the HILLBILLY BOPPERS – “DONE GONE” EP, by DJ Eddie Cesc from Catalan!

“The other day I had the chance to personally receive the latest record from Slim Sandy,  a splendid EP on CROW-MATIC RECORDS. The side A starts with the title “DONE GONE”, a song written by D.Helms / R.Taylor, better known surely as GEORGE & EARL, see the MERCURY 70852X45, in this case SLIM SANDY and the HILLBILLY BOPPERS do a very good version. The second title on this side is P. SANDMARK / T. NELSON’s CHICKEN SHACK STOMP, a great piece.

The B side begins with G.I. RHODES / P. RHODES’s “ROMP AND STOMP”, a classic of the 80s RECORDS HOPS, released on the SUN RECORDS, No. 238 in 1956. The second title of this side is titled “I’VE GOT THE BOOGIE BLUES” by CHARLENE ARTHUR, see BULLET 707 from 1950, very nice to listen to.

The copy that was offered to me is actually a TEST PRESSING, soon the first copies should be out on sale, but for the moment the first people to hear two of the titles that appear on this 45 rpm were the people at the SCREAMIN’ festival!

SLIM SANDY and the HILLBILLY BOPPERS is a very good CANADIAN band formed by great musicians and who are very nice and who do not have big heads!”

Dj Eddie-Cesc



Click on “press-kit” link for articles from 2015 and before on Slim Sandy, The Howlin Hound Dogs, the Crazy Rhythm Daddies and Ray Condo.



From BC Musician magazine, Summer, 2015:

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 3.35.35 PM



Slim Sandy And The Hillbilly Boppers

Jump Back! / Crow-Matic Records

Slim Sandy’s another friend from up in Victoria on Vancouver Island. We’ve lately mostly heard him in duo with his wife Willa Mae, who plays washtub bass and sings harmonies (Slim plays guitar and harmonica), but they’ve got a drummer on this new CD. They wrote the title song, the other 10 here are from the pens of Jimmie Lee Fautheree (“Love Me”, written with Wayne Walker and “Can’t Find The Doorknob”), Leiber & Stoller (“I’m A Hog For You Baby”), Cliffie Stone (“Jump Rope Boogie”), Clayton McMichen (Pistol Boogie”), Johnny Cash (“Rock’n’Roll Ruby”) and a couple others, plus the public domain. They aim for, and hit, the raw Hillbilly roots of Rockabilly, as the band name suggests. Slim was the drummer in Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners a few years ago. -MB

Link to Interview with Slim Sandy by Jumpin from 6 to 6 webzine

BIG BEAT magazine from Finland



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