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Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers play swinging Hillbilly Jazz, rockabilly, and rhythm and blues from the 30’s to the 50’s. Slim sings, plays guitar and harmonica, joined by Willa Mae on vocals, “lonely Mancini” on bass, and Soda Pop on drums.The band is promoting their new album Rolling and Tumbling.


Since 1980, Slim Sandy has played with various acts, 10 years as the drummer for Ray Condo and the Hardrock Goners, then singer and guitarist in the Crazy Rhythm Daddies, as well as drummer for The Howlin’ Hound Dogs. Slim started playing as a one man rockin’ band in 2002, then 10 years later he joined with singer and bassist Willa Mae to form the Hillbilly Boppers in Victoria, Canada, bringing in “Soda Pop” on drums, and “Lonely” Mancini on bass, playing swinging hillbilly bop! Slim Sandy has played festivals such as HIGH ROCKABILLY, ROCKIN HILLBILLY, and SCREAMIN in Spain, VIVA LAS VEGAS and the WESTERN SwINGOUT in the USA, ROCKIN AROUND TURNHOUT, in Belgium, GOOD ROCKIN TONIGHT, in France, the ROCK’N’ROLL WEEKENDER in WALLDORF, Germany, and RED HOT and BLUE, RIFFLANDIA and FERNFEST, in Canada.

Photos from some festivals where Slim and the Boppers have  performed:

Western SwingOut, California, 2022


RIFFLANDIA!  Victoria’s music festival, Sept 14, 2018

RED HOT AND BLUE, Canada’s rockabilly Weekender, Sept 1, 2018

PHILLIPS BACKYARD WEEKENDER, Victoria, Canada, July 2018

FERNFEST June 23, 2018!
SCREAMIN, Spain, June 2018

GREAT SHAKIN FEVER, Vancouver, May 2018 (Ray Condo Tribute)

ROCKIN HILLBILLY, Spain, March 2018 (with Bruno Longo on steel guitar)

Rockin Around Turnhout, Belgium, April 2017

Canada 150, Victoria, June 2017

Riffllandia, Victoria, September 2017

FERNFEST, Victoria, Canada, June 2016

Walldorf Rock n Roll Weekender, Germany, May 2016

Good Rockin Tonight, France, April 2016

FORBESFEST, Victoria, Canada, 2015

Other festivals:

Rockabilly Rumble, Vancouver Island, 2014

Rockabilly Rumble, Vancouver Island, 2013

Rockabilly Ball, Seattle, 2012

Rock n Roll SUNday, Hoorn, Netherlands, 2012

Good Rockin Tonight, France, 2009

Rockabilly Ball, Seattle, 2008

Viva Las Vegas, 2008

High Rockabilly, 2007

Red Hot and Blue, Québec, 2005

Road Agents Rumble, Connecticut 2004

Guest musicians with Slim and the Boppers include steel guitar player Mike Sadava in Victoria (on the BOOGIE WOOGIE FEVER and GETTIN THAT LOWDOWN SWING CDs), and steel guitarist, Bruno Longo, who has toured with Slim and Willa on tour in Europe, playing with them at ROCKIN HILLBILLY in 2018.

Billy Lee Rile and Slim Sandy

Slim has played in bands since 1980, and was the original drummer for Ray Condo, and the lead singer and guitarist with the Crazy Rhythm Daddies. Other acts he’s backed up on drums are the Howlin’ Hound Dogs, Sophia Wolff and Billy Lee Riley.

Sture Sandmark

Born in northern Canada to Swedish parents, one of Slim’s earliest recollections of music was listening to his father’s 78 records of 40’s jazz musicians, artists such as Louis Jordan, Fats Waller, Slim and Slam, and Nat King Cole, all of whom would become musical influences. Slim’s father played jazz guitar, and at the age of 12, Slim started learning how to play the guitar. He formed a band in high school, to learn rock n roll songs.  

As a young man, he attended blues shows in Montreal, and was privileged to see original blues greats such as Professor Longhair and Big Mama Thornton.   In 1980 Slim and his brother formed a band called The Paradots, playing songs from 50’s rock and roll, notably songs by Eddie Cochran like “C’mon Everybody”, “Nervous Breakdown”, and “Something Else”, along with “new wave” originals.

Slim Sandy on sax in the Paradots

In 1984 Slim started playing drums for Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners”. The original line up included Ray Condo on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Slim on drums, Clive Jackson on bass, Edgar Bridwell on violin, Chris Dean on banjo, and Eric Sandmark on lead guitar. The band’s style was described as an energetic blend of rockabilly, Chicago-style blues, honky tonk, and Western swing. During the time with Ray Condo, they made three LPs and three CDs, played in the Hemsby festival in England in 1992, and 1993, toured Europe in 1994, and filmed eight music videos with the band as well.

In 1988 Slim formed a band with other members of Hardrock Goners (without Condo),  a five piece, all-acoustic group with no drums that featured Edgar Bridwell on fiddle, Clive Jackson on bass, Chris Dean on banjo and , Peter Sandmark (aka Slim Sandy) and Eric Sandmark on guitars (see photo). The line up evolved to have Robert Kraft playing the drums and John Davis (ex-bass player of the Gruesomes who replaced original band mate Clive Jackson in 1993) playing bass; and Liam O’Neil on the saxophone. Playing their own hybrid of 50’s rhythm and blues, western swing and rockabilly, Crazy Rhythm Daddies was very much influenced by artists such as Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, and Milton Brown & His Brownies. The band’s name came from the song “Crazy Rhythm” and the Vancouver vocal trio the Undertaking Daddies.

During the first years of playing as Crazy Rhythm Daddies the band would perform double duty shows, opening up for their other band, the Hardrock Goners, with Ray Condo. The Crazy Rhythm Daddies made three cassettes, (Flat Foot Floogie, 1991, Swingcats’ Ball 1992, and One is Never too Old to Swing, 1995) and released two CDs: their debut CD, which was self-titled, contained seventeen tracks and is a mixture of western swing, swing-era jazz, hillbilly, bluegrass, and rock n’ roll, which some called “rockin’ hillbilly swing.” On their second CD, the Crazy Rhythm Daddies recorded many covers such as, Louis Jordan’s “Five Guys Named Moe” and Slim Gallard’s “Atomic Cocktail”, as well as three originals. In 1997, the band was busy, playing three major festivals: Hemsby in England, the International Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

In 1992 Ray Condo moved to Vancouver and soon Ray formed a new band, Ray Condo and the Ricochets.  

In 2000, while still playing with the Crazy Rhythm Daddies, Slim started playing drums with the Howlin’ Hound Dogs. Their debut album “Jitter Bop Baby” was loaded with authentic rockabilly tunes, of cover songs and originals.  The boys received praise for their energetic live shows, in cities located in Quebec, Ontario, and across the US, playing clubs such as: Bar St. Laurent, the Jive Joint, Jello Bar, Club Soda, Le Swimming, in Montreal; Hartford’s “Road Agent’s Rumble” Hot Rod and Rockabilly show, as well as Ste. Hyacinth’s “Retro Festival”, Joly’s “Retro Festival” and many of the bi-yearly Rockabilly Jams in Montreal. Artists who have influenced this band include Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Horton, Bill Allen, Sleepy la Beef and Buddy Holly.

In 2002 Slim Sandy played drums for Sophia Wolff and her Cubs, a Montreal based western swing band, featuring renown jive dance teacher Sophia Wolff singing, and with the members of the Howlin’ Hound Dogs in the back up band, along with Craig Morrison on steel guitar and Bill Bland on violin, playing many live shows, including appearances at the Road Agents Rumble and Viva Las Vegas in 2003, and recording on her CD, “Afternoon Fun.”

Since 2003 Slim Sandy played as a one-man band, or with various musicians in different formations, such as Slim Sandy and the Shady Rhythm Cats, Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boogie Boys, then Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boogie Gang!

Since 2012 Slim has been playing with his band the Hillbilly Boppers.   Email:

© Slim Sandy



2021 – Crow-Matic Records – ROLLING and TUMBLING – 11 Song album (on CD): It Ain’t Right (PD), Ice water (Glenn Barber), Jack’n’Jill Boogie (Mac and Norman Luna), Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Swing, Hit That Jive Jack (Bulee Gaillard), I Hear You Talking (Cindy Walker), Meet Me By The Moonlight (PD), Hillbilly Fever (G.V. Horton), Getting’ That Lowdown Swing (PD), Rompin’ and Stompin’ (Curtis Gordon), Rolling and Tumbling (PD).

2020 – Crow-Matic Records – IT AIN’T RIGHT – 5 song EP (on CD): Ice Water (Glenn Barber), Sweet Love On My Mind, It Ain’t Right (PD), Sag Drag and Fall (Massey/Giililand), Hillbilly Fever (G.V. Horton)

2018 – Crow-Matic Records – DONE GONE – 4 song EP (45 rpm vinyl): Done Gone, Chicken Shack Stomp, Gonna Romp and Stomp, I’ve Got the Boogie Blues

2018 – Crow-Matic Records – BOOGIE WOOGIE FEVER – 12 song CD:

Done Gone (D. Helms/R. Taylor) , I’ve Got The Boogie Blues (Charline Arthur), Boogie Woogie Fever (Paul South), Romp and Stomp (Slim Rhodes) , Chicken Shack Stomp (P. Sandmark/T. Nelson), Buster’s Dream (P. Sandmark/T. Nelson), Everybody Loves My Baby (S. Williams/J. Palmer), It’s All Your Fault (Cindy Walker), Hillbilly Ball (P. Sandmark/T. Nelson), Crazy Bout You (Jazz Gillum) , No Good Daddy (P. Sandmark/T. Nelson) , Saturday Night Fish Fry (Louis Jordan/Ellis L. Walsh)

2017 – Crow-Matic Records – GETTIN THAT LOWDOWN SWING –

Hug and Spank and Kiss (P. Sandmark), Hope Skip and Jump (Larry Collins), Getting that Lowdown Swing (unknown), Whoa Boy (Luke McDaniels), No More Nothing (Zeb Turner), Be Bop a Lula (Gene Vincent/T. Davies), I Never See My Baby Alone (Johnny Tyler), We’re gonna Bop (Alavadean Coker), Crawdad (PD), Cadillac Model A (Bob Wills), Wow Wow Baby (unknown).

2016 – Crow-Matic Records – SWEET ROCKIN MAMA – Sweet Rockin Mama; Can’t Find The Doorknob; Some of These Days; Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby; Good Lovin’; Jump Rope Boogie; On The Road Again; Love Me; Bring It On Down; I’m A Hog For You Baby; I’m Ready.

2014 – Crow-Matic Records – JUMP BACK – Jump Back; Love Me; Darlin Cory; I’m A Hog For You Baby; Jump Rope Boogie; On The Road Again; Pistol Boogie; Can’t Find The Doorknob; Cow Cow Boogie; Rock n Roll Ruby; Roll and Tumble


2012 – Crow-Matic Records – YES BABY YES – Yes Baby Yes; Up Above My Head; Teenage Boogie; Long Journey Home; New Way Rockin; Meet Me By The Moonlight.

2012 – Rock’n’roll Shakedown – SLIM SANDY AND THE HILLBILLY BOOGIE BAND (live)

2011 – Hog Maw Records – NEW WAY ROCKIN – Bowlegged Daddio; Come Back Baby; Nothin To Talk About; Natural Man; Sunset Blues; Swamp Gal; Hot Rod Boogie; No Gasoline; Hip Shake; Don’t Need Nothin; Shakin In My Shoes; New Way of Rockin.


2009 – Vampirette Records – THIS IS THE NIGHT – Next Door Neighbour; Slippin In; So Long; jump Jump Baby; God’ll Cut You Down; Snowstorm Boogie; Hold On Baby; Darling Cory; Hot Rod’n’Roll; This Is The Night.

2007 – Sleazy Records – ROUGH and READY – Bowlegged Daddio; Cats Was A Jumpin; Couldn’t Sleep Last Night; Flathead Ford; Slow Down Baby; No Gasoline; Mr. Guitar; Gettin By Just The Same; Three Alley cats; Party In Room 109.

2005 – Crow-Matic Records – THIS IS SLIM SANDY


Home made CD


Home made CD

Howlin’ Hound Dogs Albums

2004 – Howlin Hound Dogs – CAT BY THE TAIL

2001 – Howlin’ Records – JITTER BOP BABY

Sophia Wolff and the Cubs album


Crazy Rhythm Daddies Albums

2001 – Crazy Rhythm Daddies – HOW ‘BOUT IT?



1991 – SWING CATS BALL (cassette)

1990 – FLAT FOOT FLOOGIE (cassette)

Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners ALBUMS

1986 – Pipeline [CAN] PIPE DREAM-002 Crazy Date:


Greenback Dollar; Your True Love; Sunset Blues; Freight Train; Her Love Rubbed Off; Skala Bop Baby; Crazy Date; Willing And Ready; How Come It; Jolie Ti Catin; It Don’t Matter To Me; Who’s Baby Are You? ; Oh Baby;Push Button Boogie; Pocketful Of Rainbows

1989 – Crazy Rekkids [CAN] No. 001 Hot ‘n’ Cold:


Blast Off; The Worrying Kind; Lonely Wolf; Crazy Mixed Up World; Burn Your Playhouse Down; Hot ‘N’ Cold; The Sinister Urge; This Is The Night; One Way Ticket; Wild Guitar; All Night Long; You Shake Me Up; Could She Kiss; Don’t –

1990 – Crazy Rekkids [CAN] No. 002 Condo Country:
Ice Cold Water; Honky Tonk Mind; Catty Town; No Use Talkin’; Lover Come Back To Me; Barroom Crazy; Pepstepper’s Stomp; Tomorrow Night; Great Shakin’ Fever; I’m Coming Home; Hold Me Baby; Whoa Mule; Way Out There; Mister Who; Sinner; I Wish It Had Been A Dream

1991 – Crazy Rekkids [CAN] CR-003 Condo Country:
Ice Cold Water; Honky Tonk Mind; Catty Town; No Use Talkin’; Lover Come Back To Me; Barroom Crazy; Pepstepper’s Stomp; Tomorrow Night; Great Shakin’ Fever; I’m Coming Home; Hold Me Baby; Whoa Mule; Way Out There; Mister Who; Sinner; I Wish It Had Been A Dream; Bitter Tears; Done Gone Crazy; Blast Off; Crazy Mixed Up World; Hot ‘N’ Cold; The Sinister Urge; Skala Bob Baby; Joli Ti Catin; Your True Love; Pocketful Of Rainbows

1993 – Fury [CAN] FCD-3025 Hillbilly Holiday:

She’s My Baby; Moanin’ The Blues; High Voltage; Sweet Love On My Mind; One Hand Loose; St. James Infirmary; Greenback Dollar; Sunset Blues; Her Love Rubbed Off; It Don’t Matter To Me; Crazy Date; How Come It; Whose Baby Are You Baby? ; Oh Baby; Push Button Boogie; The Worrying Kind; Lonely Wolf; This Is The Night; Wild Guitar; All Night Long; You Shake Me Up

1994 – Fury [CAN] FCD-3031 Come on!: Come On; Gone With The Wind; Something I Said;All I Can Do Is Cry; Couple In The Car; Hip Hip Baby; Teenage Love; Rockin’ Chair Daddy; Love, Love, Love; Hole In The Wall; Would It Matter At All; Teardrops; Feelin’ Bad; Who Walks In; Make With The Loving; Bronco Loco; The Crawl; Rock’n’roll Jolie Blond; Trouble Ends

2004 – Crow-Matic [CAN] CR 003 The Best Of Ray Condo And His Hardrock Goners: Ice Cold Water; Something I Said; Sweet Love On My;Mind; No Use Talkin’; Catty Town; Way Out There; All I Can Do Is Cry; Crazy Mixed Up World; I Wish It Had Been A Dream; St. James Infirmary; Pepstepper’s Stomp; Her Love Rubbed Off; Barroom Crazy; Skala Bop Baby; Crazy Date; Whose Baby Are You Baby?; Come On; I’m Coming Home; Trouble Ends; Hot ‘N’ Cold; Lonely Wolf; Pocketful Of Rainbows

2007 – Crow-Matic [CAN] CR 006 Top Hits! Party Favourites!: Something I Said; Hot ‘N’ Cold; Sweet Love On My Mind; All I Can Do Is Cry; Blast Off; Way Out There; Crazy Mixed Up World; St James Infirmary; Ice Cold Water; Pepstepper’s Stomp; Crazy Date; Mister Who; Her Love Rubbed Off; Barroom Crazy; Whose Baby Are You Baby ; Oh Baby; Lonely Wolf; Pocketful Of Rainbows

Ray Condo
CP 007 Big Dog Little Dog / Sweet Love On My Mind – 04


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